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manufacturing in America
Give Your Friends & Neighbors the chance to support their families again !

acquire locally machined quality parts more efficiently and cost effectively
manufacturing in America

We are Frustrated !
Machining Partner is started out of frustration of seeing perfectly capable American Machine Shops close down and our friends and neighbors loose jobs, including our founder. With Machining Partner we hope to help you locate, connect and forge new business relationship and keep your doors open.

revive american manufacturing

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What We Do

find machine shop customers
Machining Partners bring manufacturing Buyers (purchasing, sourcing professionals, engineers) and Suppliers (manufacturers, machine shops, job shops) together on a common platform.

We want to help you locate, connect and establish new profitable business relationships so you can keep your doors open. We provide you with easy to use tools to Post and Bid on RFQs, Efficiently Communicate via Instant Messenger and Private Messaging, Quickly Collaborate and network with multiple partners at once via Private Groups or Forum, Browse the Marketplace and Classifieds sections and more.
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What Does it Cost

find machine shop customers
Fees on Machining Partners are none to minimal. We are bootstrapping our company and welcome any help from you. While we wanted to provide everything 100% free - we do have to cover operation expenses. At the moment we charge a flat fee of $19.97 for membership. Nothing else. The funds will be used to attract more buyers and suppliers and generate more machining jobs throuout the USA.

We do listen to your feedback and some of the suggestions range from free membership, a no obligation month to month trial subscription and premium sourcing service, various price points memberships to performance based membership where we would charge machine shops a % of total machining order value originated thru our website. We do not charge extra to view or post machining rfqs or any other fees, no do we charge to promote you r website and business thru our website and post backlinks. If you have suggestions please contact Machining Partners.

There are No hidden charges, No commissions. No hidden "enhance" options. We have been in the machining industry for decades; from deburring guy to set up guy to purchasing and sales. We understand how difficult it can be to find new business opportunities and reliable suppliers. We want to see manufacturers get back to work and provide you the opportunity to grow your manufacturing business and locate new machining partners without sacrificing and wasting your hard earned time and money.

manufacturing in America

What are the benefits of Machining Sourcing Services ?

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Grow Your business with machining services marketplace.

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